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470 Rt. 206 S., Newton, New Jersey 07860
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ABOUT A&B Bagel Deli and Grill:

A&B, a family owned establishment and long standing staple in the community, opened its doors as a Bagel, Deli and Coffee Shop in 1997. It quickly became a community favorite and expanded to include a full service grill and catering service. A&B Bagel is not only a full service Deli and Grill, it is a place where people trust coming-- to dine in or take out, to meet-up with friends or family, to have lunch with co-workers, and to use as a meeting spot for business. Despite heavy local patronage, A&B attracts customers from all over New Jersey. Some are bagel connoisseurs seeking to experience A&B's highly acclaimed bagels. Some are breakfast sandwich loyalists who have heard of A&B's tasty-times-ten Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese, salt pepper ketchup on a roll and must partake. But, one thing is for sure, no matter what brings newbies to patron A&B, it is the quality of A&B's fresh homemade cuisine, secret family recipes and the delightful combination of flavors on its extensive menu that turns real foodies (whether local or from afar) into A&B regulars. Come in, and join A&B and it's regulars for breakfast, lunch or dinner fare. You will be glad you did!

A&B Bagel Deli and Grill HISTORY:

A&B got its start thanks to a boy named Anthony Russo who wouldn't give up on his father's bagels. Long ago, just before opening his first Bagel Store in East Hanover, New Jersey, Bob Russo sought to obtain the finest bagel recipe known here in the states and abroad. After exhaustive research and experimenting, Bob finally narrowed it all down to an elderly gentleman in Brooklyn, New York, who knew all about making the finest bagels. Impressed with Bob's determination, hard work and sincere interest in the art of making bagels, the elderly man became willing to not only share his old-world family secret recipes with Bob, but to also mentor Bob, day-in and day-out until the elderly man was certain that his secret and special recipe would be safe to live-on through Bob. Shortly after the opening of his store in East Hanover, Bob was approached by Lucent Technologies, which was located in the same vicinity in East Hanover. Lucent asked Bob to cater lunch for its many employees. This catering job quickly absorbed Bob's resources for years on a full-time basis as he prepared to serve an estimated 400 people each week day. The day came, however, when Lucent was forced to take bids on its catering contract. Much to the dismay of many at Lucent, the company awarded its catering contract to a different "cheaper" facility. After basically being consumed by Lucent, Bob was now out about 85% of his business in the East Hanover location. Bob decided to sell and find a new and more advantageous location. Bob became keen to open his next store in Sussex County. And so the search for a new store began. The search continued, and continued, and continued, and continued with no luck. Bob searched all over for the ideal spot and situation to open his new bagel store. After a good deal of time searching and exhausting resources, Bob was beginning to grow weary. He was starting to doubt himself and the idea of finding a new location for his store. One day, when Bob had pretty much decided to give up on his bagel store and the chance to carry on his mentor's special recipe, his 11 year old son, Anthony, asked Bob to build him a basketball hoop. Bob thought it would be a good project to get his mind off his worries. So, Bob and Anthony set off to the Tool Rental Store on Rt 206. Anthony confidently addressed the gentleman at the counter of the tool store asking to rent a post digger and various other tools his dad would need to build his basketball hoop. Then Anthony asked the gentleman if he also might know of or have a store to rent. The gentleman asked a puzzled, "Why?". Anthony explained to the gentleman how his dad was the best bagel maker ever and that he was looking for a store to rent. The gentleman smiled and said, "Well, interestingly enough, I will soon be moving to a new location and this shop will be rentable." The location was perfect. And so, with some more hard work, and one basketball hoop later, Bob opened his new Bagel store in Sussex County as he had hoped. A&B (Anthony & Bob) Bagels carries-on to date on Route 206 in the former location of the tool store. Bob derives great satisfaction each day knowing that his son was the one to find A&B's location. Bob is able to carry-on his friend and mentor's marvelous bagel recipe. Anthony still happily exclaims that his dad is the best bagel maker anywhere, ever! Bob's many loyal customers agree.

A&B Bagel Deli and Grill News:

A&B is excited to announce that it will soon be expanding again. With this next expansion, it will be adding a Wood Burning Brick Oven and a number of wood fire delights to its menu. Stay tuned for more information by following us on Facebook at
A & B Bagel Deli and Grill
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The El Toro

A&B's marinated and charbroiled flank steak with homemade breadcrumb breaded eggplant, peppers and onions on garlic toast.

The Cuban

A&B's marinated pork in spanish spices, ham, swiss and mustard, all grilled to perfection on ciabatta bread.

The Soprano

A&B's sliced flank steak, broccoli rabe, homemade mozzarella and roasted peppers on Italian bread.

Daily Roasts

A&B's succulent and savory roasted pork, and oven-baked tender and juicy roast beef are made fresh daily.

The Bambino

A&B's homemade breadcrumb breaded chicken cutlet with prosciutto di parma, hot peppers and homemade mozzarella on Italian bread.

Chicken Madeira

A&B's grilled chicken breast with hot peppers, mushrooms, spinach and mozzarella in a Madeira wine sauce.